Challenge of Delivering Engaging and Effective Compliance Training to Life Sciences Sales & Marketing Professionals (Part 3 of 6), Brian Miller Ph.D.

Note that the ideas presented in this article are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my current employer.

Episode 1: Kim meets Dorgan Dave

Kim’s journey began with her violating the core principles of ethical and compliant promotion of life science products. She violated a long list of policies that didn’t get her fired but did result in receiving disciplinary action. Kim had to go through re-training, coaching, and attend The Workshop. The workshop is led by “Dorgan Dave”, a formal sales executive who went on national television and made untruthful and misleading claims about his companies’ blockbuster product. While the “Dorgan Dave” story was based on an actual industry case, we exaggerated his crimes and said that he broke some laws which caused him to lose his job, pay back past bonuses, go under house arrest, and conduct community service which included running The Workshop.

At the end of each episode, the main character sat down at a computer to reflect on what she had learned. I came up with this idea, based on learning research. This strategy allowed us to summarize the learning points of each episode without breaking out of the story. The closing scenes are excellent mechanisms for compliance trainers or instructional designers to leverage when developing facilitator guides, or eLearning knowledge checks. That provides a way for students to reflect on the question, “What did Kim learn in this episode?”

This first episode sets up Kim's challenge to get back into the field and start selling again. This is a fall-from-grace story. Kim, an award-winning pharmaceutical sales representative is placed on the bench. She doesn't appreciate the importance of compliance with company policies and has not yet made the connection with her actions and how they may lead to illegal activities. 

After watching this episode, the student will begin to make a connection with the character Kim and may start to reflect on their own behaviors. If you are watching this video as part of a training course, you can ask students to assess Kim's behaviors and list out what she did wrong. Discuss the fairness of her disciplinary action. Do your students agree the disciplinary action?

Up next: Episode 2, Gina's Story which was influenced by a discussion with a Department of Justice Attorney.