It was 1983. I had just been elected as the Junior Class President. I was walking down the halls of Highland High before homeroom. Actually, I was late for homeroom. I noticed that the student body president, a friend of mine, was reading the morning announcements. I thought to myself, I'd like to that. When I asked, I was told that reading of morning announcements was a privilege for the student body president only. I decided to change the rules. I walked by the TV club and noticed a few my friends. I invited myself into the nerd sanctuary of the TV club room. It was a full television studio, complete with a closed circuit television system. I asked who could view a broadcast from that room. Any classroom with a television, which was most. I had an idea to create a morning news show with a Saturday Night Live style format. My idea was approved. I made myself the anchor and the student body president was invited to be my co-anchor. I changed the rules. 


If you are unhappy with how things are going in your environment. Change the rules of the game.

Brian Miller Ph.D. (formerly known as Captain News)