Chapter 5 – Father’s Day

Elder Jäger asked Avatar, “Do you have children?” No, I have always been alone, said Avatar. “Well, marriage and children are not for everyone. But, you have a father and a mother, of course.”

Avatar paused, gave a slight grin and responded, “Yes, I have a father who created me.” Elder Jäger wasn’t sure what he had just said. Was he talking about his earthly father or a heavenly father? He was surprised that he used the phrase “created me”. Elder Jäger continued. “We all have earthly parents who gave us this physical body. We also have a heavenly Father who is the father of our spirit body. You mentioned human souls. The soul is the combination of our physical earthly body and our spiritual body. Together they form a human soul.”

Avatar then asked, “So what you are saying is that the spirit has form that can be placed in a container which is our physical body?” Yes, explained Jäger, “Yes, that is correct. The spirit is matter, much finer than our physical body but capable of being contained.”

Avatar concluded, “If our spirit body has a Father, it must logically also have a Mother and its origin must be long before our physical birth on earth.” Yes, said Jäger, “that is correct; however, for some reason perhaps because he doesn’t want her name to be treated poorly like his, he chooses not to share her name with us at this time. I think it’s because he loves her too much.”

Avatar quickly responded. “Billions of people have lived on this earth. If everyone has the same origin, made up of the same matter, why would everyone perceive their environment so differently? How can one person be so confident in their perceptions of what is real when their perception of reality so fully contradicts what someone else perceives?”

Elder Jäger correcting Avatar, “If you look a little closer, you may see that most people do perceive things in a  similar way. They each have different levels of awareness of the same reality. Pausing to question what he had just said, he then read from his book, “Truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also”.

Avatar concluded, “Then there are multiple spheres, each with its own truth and intelligence, independent to the sphere. There must be one person, in one sphere with the highest level of truth and intelligence.”

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