3 Parts Make a Whole

Learning programs are made up of components that go together to make a whole. Each component contributes to the learning experience. Well designed information is important. You need to provide concise and relevant information. You also want to engage your learners in challenging activities. Learning should be an active experience. Story brings the information and interactive experience together and makes the learning memorable.


Your educational program begins with concise and relevant information that will be referenced during the learning experience. Remember that information alone does not provide instruction. Information is only one component of a learning program.


Storytelling connects information to the learning experience. The ability to transform your information into a story is what sets our development process apart from other learning design companies. Most companies follow a traditional instructional design development process. We create a story around your learning content.


Learning requires action. Interactions must engage the mind in challenging problem solving. Without the opportunity to practice and master new skills or behaviors, the learning program will not be complete.